Who We Are

Our crew is a family of surfers, skaters, and artists that like to travel and have fun. We live in Santa Cruz where the beach meets the redwoods, and we take full advantage of the landscape and lifestyle. If you ever find yourself here, look us up! We are always down for a good time.


What We Make

Our odour absorbing luggage and accessories are inspired by a desire to create products that seamlessly transition through every part of your day. Whether you are out being active, on a road trip, or simply kicking back at home, our bags have you covered. We focus on the details to create products that are both simple and discrete, while also using quality materials and construction to make your bags last. Our classic aesthetic, paired with our attention to detail, makes a line perfect for any adventure you embark on.


Why we do it

To put it simply, because we want to. Revelry was started with the selfish ambition of creating bags that we, ourselves actually want to use. The landscape of odor absorbing luggage when we entered the market was an endless sea of blacked-out bags with no logos, no sense of identity. Immediately we saw how we could step in and remedy this situation, and Revelry was created.