We offer a number of payment methods to suit our customers. The most common way of ordering any item from us is with our ‘Credit/Debit Card‘ option using Paypal, as this is simply the quickest way of pushing your order through and having it processed and dispatched as soon as possible.

You order will be held as Pending Payment first, we will then check Paypal to check your transaction is in our account. Your funds will not be captured until we source from our warehouse and pack your goods. Once we have your order ready and packed, we will then process and capture your PayPal payment.

If in the event your item is not in stock we will be sure to get in contact so we can figure out whether you would like to continue with your order or not. At times there can be slight inconsistencies in stock levels, we apologise in advance.

If your order is supplied with a tracking number we will leave a note on your account which will also email to notify you. (Please be aware new tracking numbers can take time to process and update on couriers systems, so don’t be alarmed if the tracking number does not work as soon as we present it to you).

If you do not have a Credit or Debit card, you may choose to pay via Direct Bank Transfer.

Direct Bank Transfers

Allow payment to be made directly into our bank account. Please allow a few days for the transaction to arrive into our account, your order will be marked as On Hold. Once payment has been received we will update the status of your order. If you choose to use this method of payment, please send us a confirmation e-mail after your transaction has been made with the following information:

  • Order Reference Number
  • Date of Transfer
  • Amount of Transfer
  • Full Name