Revelry Pipe Bag


Revelry Supply Pipe Kit is the ultimate smoking and storage kid from Revelry, enabling you to carry all of your crucial smoking products in an easy-to-carry bag that’s safe and lockable as well as being padded and smell-proof.

Thanks to the Revelry Supply Pipe Kit, keep all of your seshing essentials in one ultra-portable container.



Classic Spoon Style Pipe made from premium quality thick glass.

2-Piece Hemp plastic grinder.



Carbon Filter System to eradicate smells

Easy access pocket to stash with ease.

Lighter holder made to fit classic styles ranging from Clipper to Bic.

Lockable with secure brass luggage lock finish.

Authentic, real leather trimming.

Waterproof Zipper

Metall Hardware

Total volume of 1.37L

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  • Carbon Filter System
  • Rubber-backed Canvas
  • Custom protective lining
  • Double velcro seal
  • Metal Padlock
  • Glass Pipe
  • Hemp Grinder

Who is Revelry

Revelry from Santa Cruz California specialise in Odour Proof and Water Resistant Luggage. Founded in 2015, Revelry’s goal has always been to support the retailers with unrivalled product, competitive pricing, great branding and marketing through great exploits and taking advantage through photoshoots to push the brand and keep it fresh.

Being the first odour absorbing luggage company to release a colour aside from black or grey what makes these bags special in comparison to others currently on the market is the dual technologies in rubber and carbon which add that extra level of security.

The Layers that build up our special bags

We’ve worked really hard on our odour absorbing bags and we know our range and build quality is far superior than our competitors. Our hybrid bag technology uses not only Carbon but also a Rubber-Backed Nylon for that extra layer of protection that you won’t see in anyone else’s bags.

Rubber-Backed Canvas
By coating the back side of the canvas with rubber we are able to make our bags water resistant while still maintaining a classic look. The rubber backing also helps to contain air and odour from escaping.

Carbon Filter System
The Carbon Filter System is made of three laters. The middle layer is activated charcoal which absorbs unwanted odos and keeps them from escaping. The two white synthetic filters help absorb odour, as well as protect the structural integrity of the unwoven charcoal.

Twill Lining
The main purpose of the lining is to protect the Carbon Filter System. It also looks dope and is soft to the touch.

Weight 350 g

Brown Camo, Smoke, Striped Dark Grey