The Amigo Tie Die Hip Pack Bag by Revelry


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The Amigo Tie Die Cross Body Waist Bag by Revelry Supply

The Amigo smell-proof crossbody waist bag from Revelry Supply can fasten across your torso or around your hips. The Amigo features a super-slick and streamlined profile, which make it ideal for being on the move and moving inbetween challenging, rugged environments.

The Amigo smell-proof crossbody bag is a fashionable odour-absorbing bag from Revelry Supply that can be worn efficiently as a crossbody bag, as is a currently popular style, or it can be fastened around the waist.

The Amigo is created from sturdy canvas that resists water and has a gorgeous blue tie-dye print, making it perfect for outdoor activities whilst looking fresh at the same time.. Revelry’s distinctive carbon filtration mechanism, hidden beneath the canvas, traps odours and seals them inside the bag. Below a beautiful twill lining bearing the sophisticated Revelry logo is the carbon filter which is part and parcel of Revelry’s incredible design; the carbon filter layer is encircled by layers of rubber that block out moisture and protect it from the environment.