The Broker Money Bag in Tie Dye with Velcro & Zip by Revelry Supply


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The Broker Money Bag in Tie Dye with Velcro & Zip by Revelry Supply

The Broker Money Bag by Revelry Supply is the larger-sized version of a secure stash bag. It is comprised of just one pocket and has been specifically designed to hold your money and most valuable stash, the kind you need with you throughout the day.

The fact that Revelry Supply’s bags are a cross between two different bag technologies distinguishes them from all other bag models. Revelry Supply employs carbon filters to capture aromas alongside the rubber seal you typically find in a dry bag to provide water resistance and ultimate protection from the elements. Revelry’s mission has been to create an attractive, discreet range of bags that performs better as a whole than it could individually by combining these different bag technologies.

Revelry Supply takes this technology, makes it more inexpensive, and packs it all in a stylish bag. Revelry Supply takes pleasure in what they produce, employ high-quality components, and creates them ethically. As we all know, a bag’s appearance is just as crucial as its intended use. So making a bag that appears as good as possible has always been Revelry Supply’s goal.