The Drifter Rolltop Backpack Odour Proof Bag in Tie Dye by Revelry


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The Drifter smell-proof rolltop backpack in tiedye is the biggest backpack style from Revelry Supply and features a rolltop opening to the bag that makes it ideal for those longer road trips where you need the security of extra space for supplies. 

The Tech

Revelry Supply bags are different because they hybridize two other bag technologies. Revelry Supply combines carbon filters like those used in secret gardens for odour absorption and a rubber shield that you would typically see in a dry bag for water resistance and odour containment. Revelry successfully creates a bag that performs incredibly when combining these technologies, which are better than they are used alone. Revelry is what you get when you combine that technology, make it affordable and implement it into a stylish/complimentary design. 

Revelry Supply’s Drifter backpack is now available in the warm and eye-catching tie-dye colour. 

Revelry Supply always uses premium material they’ve created responsibly, as they are proud of what they produce. In addition, revelry Supply is aware that the bag’s appearance is as vital to its intended purpose as; they’ve tried to ensure that the bags are as attractive as they are discreet and functional. 

The Drifter backpack follows the ethos of Revelry Supply which is to create gear that seamlessly transitions through each part of the user’s day. They focus on the details required to produce the product that they desire, to put it simply, ‘because they want to’; when they entered the market the smell-proof luggage options were incredibly limited but thanks to Revelry an entire landscape of dynamic bag options are available, so why not start yours today with a staple piece, the largest backpack the Drifter by Revelry Supply. Try one for yourself; you won’t be disappointed.