The Stowaway (Canvas Collection) Toiletry Kit in Tie Dye by Revelry


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The Stowaway (Canvas Collection) Toiletry Kit in Tie Dye by Revelry Supply

The Stowaway smell-proof toiletry bag from Revelry Supply is one of the smaller luggage options from the outstanding odour-absorbing bag company based in Santa Cruz. Furthermore, the Stowaway packs in lots of pockets and a little padding to keep them safe; it is perfect for holding all of your travel essentials in one easy-to-carry package. The Stowaway offers both internal and external hardware pockets combined with an inner divider so you can organise your goods as much as needed.

Revelry Supply’s bags are distinctive because they combine elements from two different bag technologies. In addition to the rubber shield typically found in a dry bag for water resistance and aroma control, Revelry Supply fuses its bags with carbon filters for odour absorption. The result is that Revelry continues to create bags that perform better when both of these technologies are combined than when they are used alone. The Stowaway’s Carbon Filter layer is surrounded by layers of thick rubber that prevent moisture from entering the bag, which is also surrounded by a decorative twill lining which is covered in the iconic revelry logo.

Revelry is what you get when you take that technology, make it more inexpensive, and put it in a stylish bag. Revelry Supply uses high-quality materials and creates all its goods responsibly because they’re exceptionally proud of what they produce. Revelry Supply is aware that a bag’s appearance is as vital to its intended use. Our goal has always been to create bags that are as stylish as possible.